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Lucky Kitchen started at a time when Chinese food was publicly reported as being unhealthy and high in fat and sodium. Our family staff and chefs adapted the menu to fit the needs of a health-conscious public in 1993 and came up with a new method for preparing and cooking Chinese Cuisine. Lucky Kitchen specializes in steaming vegetables and cooking dishes without oil, MSG, salt, or sugar. In 1998, LK was recognized by Mfit Healthy Dining Program as a partner in beating heart disease with one meal at a time. Mfit certified ten of LK’s sauce recipes and nine main entrees as meeting the Healthy Standards, which means each serving contains less than three grams of fat.

Lucky Kitchen is recognized by the Michigan Daily readers as Best of Ann Arbor Chinese Food. Lucky Kitchen specializes in quick-service food operations, and therefore most of the entrees are prepared in ten minutes. Lucky Kitchen offers over thirty varieties of Combo Meals and all of which can be cooked to meet the Healthy Standards.

Lucky Kitchen has provided catering services for small to large groups and has always had great comments and many returned customers. Lucky Kitchen currently serves on the board of Ann Arbor’s Meals on Wheels and delivers Healthy Asian meals. Lucky Kitchen staff worked closely with Dieticians to ensure all Asian Meals are in compliance with AAA-1B standards. LK lowered sodium and sugar levels, and increased calcium levels for all Asian Meals delivered to AAMOW. LK’s long-term experience in dealing with the University’s customers and clients sets us apart from the rest.

Lucky Kitchen is also very experienced and familiar with all types of Asian Cuisine. LK’s catering menu includes Thai, Malaysian, and Japanese cuisine. LK also owns and manages successful Japanese teppanyaki restaurant locations in Livonia and Novi. Lucky Kitchen has proven to be a leader in the Asian Food business for over thirty years and we look forward to many more wonderful years to come.

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